India Studies | Woman in South Asian Religious Tradition
I580 | 2843 | Rebecca Manring

This course offers a historical view of the officially sanctioned
roles for women in several religious traditions of South Asia, and
women’s efforts to become agents and participants in the religious
expressions of their own lives.  We will begin asking each tradition
covered such questions as:

1.	What rituals and roles do women participate in?  Are they
excluded from any?
2.	What authority and/or power have women held in this
tradition, and how is that expressed and transmitted to others?
3.	What influence have women had on the creation and
transmission of knowledge concerning religion?
4.	How do women experience their relationship with the sacred,
give voice to it, and describe it?
5.	What is religion for women in the tradition under

Class format will blend lecture and discussion, with students
participating fully in class meetings.  Readings will come from a
variety of sources, including primary texts, critical studies, and
contemporary newspaper and magazine articles.