Living-learning Center | Parody and the Postmodern
L210 | 2970 | Chris Hokanson

In this course you will study parody in a variety of historical
contexts, particularly tracing the parodic impulse through the 19th
Century into our postmodern age.  You will theorize about how
parodies allude to previous cultural texts and suggest why parody is
so prevalent in today’s postmodern works.  You will have the
opportunity to write, paint, sculpt, compose, film, act, or build
your own parody.  Collaboratively, the class will also compose a
parodic journal (similar to The Onion) to be distributed to Collins
residents.  From the mock heroics of the ancient Greeks to The
Simpsons, this course will allow you to explore what motivates
societies to create parodies and how parody can be used to make
meaningful social critiques.