Living-learning Center | Gender, Power, and Self
L220 | 2973 | Patrick Kinsman

This course begins with representations and gaze theory and ends with
transgendered individuals.  We will closely read several films in the
context of the “male gaze” and use the gaze to talk about the power
relations between the genders.  From there we will move this analysis
into art history, Dada and masochism and meet three artists (Duchamp,
Fini, and Treut) who blur the lines between subject/object,
active/passive, and gazer/gazed at.  We will also see how the
male/female division is complicated.  Then we move into gender and
power roles as expressed in transgender.  We will evaluate the
representation of transgender in talk shows, documentaries, and
fiction film. The course’s progressively complex look at gender and
power will allow you to analyze how male and female define
themselves, and are defined, in culture.  We will also examine gender
dynamics at gyms, the mall, or drag king shows.