Living-learning Center | Communities, Resistance, and Art
L220 | 2974 | Jennifer Barker

This course will investigate a variety of artistic and
artistic/political communities flourishing during the first three
decades of the 20th century, communities which provided a means of
resistance and rebellion against the status quo and detritus of the
19th century, as well as an alternate to the increasing
dehumanization and isolation of city life.  City centers like New
York, Paris, Chicago, and Zurich began to house small groups of
writers, artists, and filmmakers who lived together, met regularly at
cafes and salons, and began to profoundly influence each other
morally, politically, and artistically.  By shedding many of the
social mores and gender and class restrictions of the previous
century, a new kind of energy emerged that was nurtured by these
communities, providing focus for rebellion and dissent, and
facilitating the transformation of both subject matter and formal
innovation. Through a variety of materials–film, fiction, poetry,
memoir, essay, art, event and magazine–we will trace the connections,
disturbances, and transformations of art and artists, seeking to
determine the significance of associations between individuals and