Music | Studies in French Baroque Music
M601 | 7998 | Fader

M601: Studies in French Baroque Music
Taught by Don Fader

3 Credits
MWF 11:15-12:05 in M267 [Music Library]

The course combines a survey of the musical literature with readings in
music theory, performance practice, aesthetics and cultural history.  The
format will emphasize discussion, and students are encouraged to bring in
their own experience of the music and to delve into period sources in their
areas of interest.  We will emphasize three aspects of the French Baroque
repertoire:  theatrical music (including the genres of ballet de cour,
comedie-ballet, tragedie-lyrique, cantate, and opera-ballet), sacred vocal
music (the petit- and grand motet and histoire sacree [oratorio]), and
instrumental music (with emphasis on music for lute and keyboard, and
ensemble chamber music).

Prerequisite: Passage of early half of the Graduate Music History Entrance
Exam (Medieval-Baroque), or M541, or permission of the instructor

A reading knowledge of French is useful but not required.

Text: James Anthony, French Baroque Music (Revised ed.)
fifth+ line: Text of the course description.