Philosophy | Introduction to Philosophy
P100 | 3232 | Schmitt

We will cover three central topics in philosophy: God, ethics, and
the mind-body problem.  We will begin with the topic of God.  What
reasons are there for believing that there is a God?  What is Godís
nature?  We will then turn to ethics. How ought we to behave? What is
the basis for ethics?  Does it rest on theology, on convention, or on
human nature?  Finally, we will address the mind-body problem.  What
sorts of creatures are human beings?  Are we merely material, in the
way that animals are presumed to be, or do we have immaterial souls
as well?  Do we have the prospect of immortal life?  We will treat
these topics by reading classical and contemporary writings of well
known philosophers.  We will emphasize careful argumentation and
analytical thinking.