Philosophy | Problems of Ethics
P342 | 3287 | Pedroni

In this course we’ll explore key concepts in bioethical theory, as
well as their application to pressing moral concerns in health care
and biotechnology.  We will include a variety of perspectives in our
analyses, particularly those of physicians, nurses, patients, and the
public.  Through cases, readings, and discussions, we’ll examine such
topics as:

	Death and Dying (definition of death, advance directives,
withholding and withdrawing life-sustaining treatment, and physician
assisted suicide and euthanasia)
	Management of medical information (privacy in health care,
mandatory reporting, and genetic testing and screening)
	Research involving human subjects
	Allocation of health care resources (rights to health care,
organ transplantation)
	Human gene therapy and genetic enhancement
	Human embryonic stem cell research

Students need not have a background in life sciences or in
philosophy, but the course in analytic and rigorous.  Two case
studies will be required, along with a midterm and final exam.

Required texts:  Walters and Beauchamp, Contemporary Issues in
Bioethics (5th ed. Wadsworth) and Beauchamp and Childress, Principles
of Biomedical Ethics (5th ed. Oxford).