Political Science | Intro to Political Theory
Y105 | 3442 | Basik

This version of Y105 will focus on the most influential political
ideologies of the past two centuries. Special attention will be given
to several strands of liberalism, as well as to democracy and
totalitarianism. A very specific analytical framework will be
presented, and students will be expected to apply this method to each
ideology we study. Also, there will be an anthology of primary
sources embodying each tradition of thought. Students will be
expected to determine the ways in which each of the included writers
contributes to the tradition in which they work.
	Those two expectations constitute the bulk of the course
requirements, which are relatively light on reading, an average of
approximately fifty pages each week, but heavier on writing
assignments. Since there are no right and wrong answers in political
philosophy, there can be no multiple choice questions. Consequently,
the course grade will be determined almost entirely by the writing
assignments. There will be about five of them, ranging from summaries
to independently crafted arguments responding to questions
distributed in advance. In addition, there will be very short, and
very frequent, homework quizzes. On all assignments, writing style,
including both grammar and organizational clarity, will be considered.