Political Science | West European Politics
Y335 | 3457 | Poloni-Staudinger

This is an introductory class to West European politics.  To that
end, we will focus on several themes.  First, we will explore the
changes in Western Europe since 1989 and the fall of the Iron
Curtain.  Second, we will focus on European political systems paying
particular attention to institutions and political actors.  Third, we
will gain a deeper understanding of the political systems of Great
Britain, France and Germany by focusing in depth on these countries.
Finally, we will examine the current issues of European integration
and new social movements.  In addition, by the end of this course,
you should learn to evaluate some important theories about politics
and you should learn to think rigorously and comparatively about
politics. Comparative thinking is an extremely useful analytical tool
and we will frequently employ this method in the course to
demonstrate its utility.  The required readings are drawn from three
main books which cover the three main countries of interest.  There
will additionally be some supporting pieces from books and articles
located on reserve.  The reading load averages about 100 pages per
week.  You will be evaluated based on a midterm exam, a final exam,
and a research paper.