Political Science | Model European Union
Y351 | 3462 | Vurusic

The purpose of the course is twofold: (1) to teach students about how
main institutions of the European Union work, and  (2) give students
a simulation of the on-hand experience of the EU policy-making..
Unlike a theoretical course on the European Union, this course has
its practical component:  Midwest Model of the EU that takes place in
Indianapolis in the middle of April, in about the 14th week of the
course. Thus, in addition to teaching them about how the institutions
of the EU work on the theoretical level, the students will have a
simulated practical experience and be able not only to understand,
but also feel the constrains and pressures that real politicians face
in the EU decision processes.  The course is very important for the
students interested in international politics and economics in the
light of the fact that, after the US, the EU is the second strongest
economy in the world and most of its members are also NATO members.