Political Science | International Political Economy
Y376 | 3468 | Shin

This course is intended to introduce various theories, topics, issues
and other related aspects of international political economy of
contemporary world. The primary goal of this course is to help
students to understand many different ways in which political factors
shape the pattern of international economic relations and its
outcomes, and eventually help them to develop their own perspective
on the 	politics of international economic relations. This course is
divided into two halves. In the first half, students will become
familiar with some theories and typical topics in international
political economy such as money and finance, multinational
corporations, and trade. In the second half, another related topic 
international environmental politics  will be examined in relation
with international political economy. Here, too, many theories and
topics are introduced, such as trade and environment, dirty
industrial flight, development and environment, and the relationship
between economic and environmental dimensions of globalization.
Students are required to read course materials and be ready to
participate actively in the discussion. In addition, they should
write two short papers, complete a series of in-class activities, and
take midterm and final exams.