Political Science | Public Policy Analysis
Y394 | 3471 | Bickers

This course introduces students to public policy analysis.  The
approach used is the political economy approach to policy analysis,
which asks how individual values and preferences get translated into
collective processes and outcomes.  This approach is thus directly
related to debates about the meaning and operation of democratic
systems; it is centrally concerned with how collective enterprises 
from neighborhoods to nations  operate; and it treats the domain of
government and the domain of markets as two sides of the same coin,
inasmuch as both are instruments by which groups of individuals make
collective choices.
We will explore a mixture of top-down and bottom-up approaches to
policymaking in America.  We will consider the components of public
policies and how these are related to the kinds of politics that
often surround policy debates.  We will examine the role of
bureaucracies in implementing policies and the possibilities for
obtaining efficient bureaucratic implementation in the American
context.  Students will be introduced to techniques for evaluating
and analyzing public policies and will discuss how these are used in
the day-to-day practice of policymaking in this country.
	Requirements will include several policy memoranda and three