Political Science | Theories of Political Contention (3 Cr)
Y669 | 3490 | Rasler

This course analyzes the major theories of the origins and
characteristics of collective dissent within polities - riots,
protest cycles, civil wars, ethnic strife and revolutions.  We will
also be interested in politically contentious events (e.g., strikes,
demonstrations, social movement mobilizations) that have the
potential for but do not always produce violence.  We will explore
the explanations that examine the effects of the international system
on internal strife and in turn how domestic political conflict
influences the international system.  The lionís share of the work in
this area has been done by sociologists with contributions from a
growing number of political scientists.  Consequently, a good portion
of the theoretical literature will be drawn from sociological
theory.  These theories will include micro models of collective
action, state and societal models of internal conflict and macro-
structural models of revolution.