Psychology | Intro to Psy II for Majors
P152 | 2517 | C. Hoffman

P152 - Introductory Psychology I addressed the biological bases of
and psychological processes that all healthy people do in similar
ways, though at different levels, like sensing, perceiving, learning,
remembering, and thinking.  Introductory Psychology II now turns to
questions about how and why people are different.  In Introductory
Psychology II we will address the topics of human development,
personality, mental disorders and their treatment, and social
behavior.  What childhood experiences affect how confident a child is
in meeting new people?  Is personality innate and acquired?  When do
children develop a sense of morality?  Is it accurate to categorize
people as introspective or outgoing?  Is it helpful?  Why and when are
people altruistic?  How does culture influence individual differences?
What causes schizophrenia: A genetic tendency for schizophrenia, a
childhood medical trauma, or a dysfunctional family environment?  How
should we treat depression: Drugs, psychotherapy, or behavioral
modification?  Introductory Psychology II is for you if you are
interested in continuing your study in psychology, interested in
understanding yourself and others, or are considering a career in some
type of helping profession.  Introductory Psychology II is also for
you if you are interested in enhancing your studies in anthropology,
business administration, criminal justice, cultural studies,
education, history, humanities, sociology, political science or
women's studies (among other fields).