Psychology | Evolution & Ecology of Learning
P416 | 3556 | W. Timberlake

MEETING TIME: Monday or Wednesday, and Friday, 1:00-2:15 with 4-5
outside speakers scheduled on Fridays at 12:15.
CONTENT: The purpose of this course is to provide students with basic
exposure to the literature on evolution and learning and an
appreciation of important conceptual issues.  The majority of the
P416-material will be drawn from work with nonhuman animals, but
similarities to issues arising in human learning will be noted. We
will contrast comparision among species and individuals based on
grades, phylogeny, ecology, and gene/environmet interaction.
RESPONSIBILITIES:  Students will be expected to do weekly readings,
ask and answer questions, take sides, and participate in discussion.
They will also be responsible for several small presentations on
specific readings, and will produce a final paper of 15 to 25 pages on
a topic of their choice related to evolution and learning.  Reading
materials will be selected from both books and journals.  It will help
the student to be familiar with either learning or evolution, or both.
QUESTIONS:  Bill Timberlake, 5-4042,