Psychology | Genes and Environment in Human Behavior
P457 | 3561 | R. Timberlake

In the last few years there has been an explosion of research on the
way in which genetic differences influence differences in human
behavior.  The newest research goes beyond the old nature-nurture
debate (genes versus environment) to try to understand how genetic and
environmental variability combine to produce individual differences.
In this seminar we will study emerging research in behavior genetics,
with a focus on psychopathology, personality, intelligence, and
developmental change.  We will spend some time on evolutionary
approaches to understanding human behavior.  It will be possible to
shift the topics somewhat depending on the interests of class members.
Although the professor will be presenting lectures on the course
content, students are expected to keep up on the readings so that they
can contribute to the ongoing discussion.  Students will be expected
to take the lead in class discussion of the topic on which they are
writing their paper.
Grading:  There will be two exams, and students will prepare a paper
on a topic of their choice.  There will be online exercises that
illustrate the methods of behavior genetics.  Class participation will
be taken into consideration.
Office hours:  To be announced.
Prerequisites:  P101 and 102, P151/152, or P106. P324 is recommnended
but not required.