Psychology | Marital and Family Violence
P457 | 3562 | A. Holtzworth-Munroe

This course is a senior level, advanced, in-depth seminar on the
problems of marital and family violence.  Approximately the first half
of the semester will be spent on the issue of husband violence,
examining such issues as the prevalence and consequences of this
problem, why husband violence is considered more of a problem than
wife violence, theories of male intimate violence, what steps battered
women take to end the violence in their lives, available therapy
interventions and outcome data on their effectiveness, and the
consequences of marital violence on children.  The second half of the
course will cover other forms of family violence, with a primary focus
on child abuse, but with some coverage of child-to-parent violence,
sibling violence, and elder abuse.  The course focuses heavily on
vailable empirical evidence, gathered in research studies, to uncover
what we "know" about husband and family violence. All readings will be
from primary sources (e.g., journal articles). There is no text;
rather, students will check out readings from the library reserve
desk.  Readings will be extensive (e.g., up to 4-7 articles per week).
The class format is a small and interactive seminar.  The professor
will provide some lectures, primarily covering the materials to ensure
that students understood the readings.  But much of the class will
involve discussion, and attendance and active participation are
counted in a students' grade.  This class is run in the same format as
a graduate level course, with a similar level of involvement expected
and a similar amount of material covered. Indeed, in spring 2002, the
course will be run in conjunction with a graduate course, so that
undergraduate and graduate students will participate in the same
Grading:  Not determined yet.  Most likely, will involve 1 or 2 essay
exams. In addition, students will probably be asked to do a
presentation and paper on a topic from the second half of the course,
assigning a reading to the class and leading a class discussion on
their topic. As noted above, attendance and class participation will
be counted.
Instructor: The instructor has been conducting research on husband
violence for over 15 years.  She also has led batterer treatment
groups, co-led support groups for battered women, and teaches a
graduate level therapy practicum on marital therapy.
Office hours: To be announced in class.
Prerequisites: P101 and 102 (or P151 and 152); K300; P211.
Recommended: P324.
Note that this is a senior level course for students who have an
extensive background in psychology.
Note: Class will be limited to 15 undergraduate and 5-6 graduate.