Psychology | Cog Neurosci of Psychopathology
P657 | 3594 | B. O'Donnell

P657 Graduate Seminar "Cognitve Neuroscience Approaches to
Psychopathology."  The emphasis will be on cognitive and neural
network models of mental disorders, and the application of brain
imaging techniques to the study of psychopathology (EEG/MEG; PET;
structural MRI; FMRI.)  The detail and breadth in which we'll cover
each topic will be influenced by student interests.  Grades will be
based on class presentations, participation, and a review paper or lab
project.  There will also be some laboratory demonstrations so that
students who are not doing a project can get some hands on experience
of the methods.  I will consider senior undergrads for the graduate
seminar, with a max enrollment of 10 students.