Religious Studies | Topics in East Asian Religions
R452 | 3651 | Joh McRae

A texts-oriented survey of Buddhist meditation traditions. We will
trace the evolution of Buddhist approaches to spiritual cultivation,
beginning with the conceptual repertoire of pre-Buddhist religions
and moving through a selection of important moments in Indian,
Chinese, Japanese, and twentieth-century Buddhism. Each week we will
read one or two primary texts in English translation, along with a
limited amount of background information. Class time will be spent
discussing the methods, theories, metaphoric patterns, social
contexts, and religious implications of the primary texts. One or
more essays of varying length, as well as periodic book reviews, will
be required. The first meeting will be at the time and place listed
in the Schedule of Courses; subsequent meetings may be moved to a
different time based on participants schedules. (Therefore, students
interested in taking the course but unable to attend the first
meeting should contact the professor at The
prerequisites for this course will be enforced: you must have taken
*some* course in Asian religions before taking this (including, but
not limited to, R153, R350, R354, R368, R369).  This course carries
Eastern Religious Traditions and Culture Studies Credit.