Slavic Languages and Literatures | Intro to Russian Culture
R223 | 3683-3684 | Perlina, N.


The period under consideration spans over the millenium: from the
conversion of the Kievan ruler Prince Vladimir in 988 to the
contemporary Russia of Vladimir Putin. To provide an introduction to
Russian culture, the following epochs in the life of ancient and
modern Russia are considered:

1.  The Rise and Disintegration of Kievan Rus;

2.  From the Mongol Invasion and The Rise of Moscow to the Time of
Troubles and the Dynastic Struggle of 1606-1612;

3.  Literary Development and Cultural History of the Imperial Russia:
from the Building of the New Capital City (St.Petersburg) to the
Bolshevik Upheaval of 1917;

4.  Thresholds: Soviet Culture and Beyond.

Required Texts:

At IU Bookstore and at Collegiate Copies:

1.  An Anthology of Russian Literature from Earliest Writing to Modern
Fiction,  Nicholas Rzhevsky, ed.

2.    Introduction to Russian Culture,  R. 223.  Instructor's Reader.

On Reserve:

1. Art and Culture in Nineteenth Century Russia, ed. Th. Stavrou.

2. Tamara Talbot Rice, A Concise History of Russian Art  (NY: Praeger,

3. Anna Akhmatova, Complete Poems, tr. Judith Hemschemeyr.

4. Glasnost: An Anthology of Russian Literature under Gorbachev , ed.
Helena Gosccilo (Ardis, 1990).