Slavic Languages and Literatures | Intermediate Serbian and Croatian
S201 | ALL | Cooper

Intermediate Serbian and Croatian, concentrates on the improvement of acquired language skills, oral and written, for the purpose of conversation, reading, composition and listening. A thorough review of grammar is done, stressing problems not discussed d
uring the elementary course, among them the usage of the Aorist, Exact Future and Imperfect Tense and the various kinds of participles. A number of literary texts, both abridged and unabridged, are read and discussed both in written and oral forms. Texts
include works of some of the most prominent or popular modern and contemporary Serbian and Croatian authors, like, Dubravka Ugresic, Momo Kapor, or the Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andric.

Assigned Texts and Materials:

1. Monica Partrige, Serbo-Croat: Practical Grammar and Reader
(Belgrade: Prosveta, latest edition).
2. Materials from Croatian language programs for foreigners.

Grading and Assessment of Students' Performance:

- regular classroom attendance and participation: 40%
- quizzes: 20%
- midterm examination: 15%
- final examination: 25%


- 6 quizzes (vocabulary, translation, composition)
- 1 quiz (grammar)
- midterm examination (after 8 weeks)
- final exam