Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 3732 | Fallon

In this course, we will examine how the U.S., as well as within other
countries, are organized.  Through a sociological perspective, we
will analyze and question the structures of society that influence
the actions of individuals and groups of individuals.  We will
achieve this through four approaches.  First, we will begin by
discussing various sociological theoretical frameworks that are used
to explain, explore, and examine social patterns.  Along with the
theoretical perspectives, we will examine the different methods
sociologists use to test the theories.  By beginning with theory and
methods, we will have the necessary tools to apply a sociological
perspective to larger societal problems.  Second, we will focus on
social structural features of society that influence societal
patterns.  For example, we will examine how the social construction
of class, race, gender, and sexuality affects the viewpoints and
actions of individuals and groups of individuals.  Third, we will
examine the role of institutions as they affect and perpetuate
societal patterns.  Specifically, we will focus on family, education,
media, and political institutions.  Finally, we will focus on the
process of globalization and how it affects interactions between
groups of individuals at the local level.  Although the emphasis is
on patterns in the U.S. society, cross-cultural issues will also be
discussed.  By the end of the course, you should have a basic
understanding of Sociology, as well as the organization of societies
and how they are structurally linked within a larger global context.