Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 3739 | Suarez

“(Sociology) should rather cause us to see things in a different way
from the ordinary man, for the purpose of any science is to make
discoveries, and all such discoveries more or less upset accepted
opinions.” Emile Durkheim

In this class, students will explore what sociology is, how
sociologists study a wide array of topics (including race, class,
gender, sexuality, deviance, the family, etc.) and why sociology is
important. Individuals live and interact within larger groups such as
families, churches, schools, jobs, and societies.  The groups to
which individuals belong strongly affect one’s attitudes and beliefs.
Sociology helps us to understand how persons experience reality
according to their particular social world.  Through this class,
students will gain a heightened awareness of how our surroundings
affect not only who we are but how we interact with others.  In
addition, students will be challenged to rethink the everyday
assumptions we hold about society, which will enhance their ability
to understand the diverse world we live in.