Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 3745 | Jimerson

Topic:	Sociology of Sports

Goals: THE SOCIOLOGY OF SPORT will cover sport’s causes,
consequences, and comportment. Students will study sport as a
microcosm of society and as a means of socialization. Hopefully,
after taking this course students will never watch sports in quite
that same ways.

	Sport mirrors society. How we organize the games that we play
and watch, select participants and sponsors, how we treat winners and
losers, and enforce rules, reflects our worldviews. Conversely, our
values, class, race, gender, and politics structure sport.  Moreover,
sports often teach people, especially children, how to interact with
other humans.

	This course explores one of America’s and the world’s most
widespread social institutions. Our goal in this course is to improve
our “Sociological Imagination,” which C Wright Mills defined as an
ability to understand how society works and how society affects
individuals. In this class, we will study how society influences
sport and how sport in turn alters society. After completing this
course you should know more about society as well as sports. By
semester's end, you must be able to write about the relations between
society and sports.
Means: Students must attend at least 20 classes and answer 4 exams.
Lectures will incorporate ideas from the readings as well as
information not in the readings. You must read the assigned material.
Each exam will have three sections. The first section asks students
to define key concepts, the second asks students to describe
readings, and the third asks students to discuss how specific
readings relate to each other. Students will also have to attend 20
or more classes. Attendance will be taken by collecting 3x5 index
cards at the end of each class period. Students must buy index cards,
then write their names, comments, questions, and the date after each
class. No attendance will be taken during the first week when many
people are still adding and dropping classes. No excuses will be
accepted. You can miss three weeks of class, so don't even bother
bringing an excuse. If you miss more than seven classes, one
percentage point will be subtracted for each subsequent absence.