Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 3748 | Cornell

Topic:	Envisioning the City

In S101:  Envisioning the City you will learn to understand how
landscape and buildings create different kinds of social spaces that
are used by different groups of people at different times of the day,
week, and year.  You will learn how to disaggregate the various
components of city life in order to analyze them and put them back
together.  For example, as we walk down an alley you might notice
that the residential end has canopy, sub-canopy, and understory
trees, while the commercial end has only canopy trees surrounded by
pavement.  If commercial areas had the same mix of trees as
residential ones do, they would be much more habitable places.  You
will also read about the history of cities and contemporary
problems.  The course will consider cities all over the world, but
the major field site will be Bloomington, Indiana.

Other topics may include:
*The marks of skateboarders
*Occupiable private space/public space made private
*Public art and the creation of public space
*Developers versus preservationists?
*Making therapeutic landscapes
*Safe and sophisticated parking garages

This is a studio-style course.  You will spend much of your time in
class visiting sites in Bloomington and representing their
characteristics in a variety of media.  For example, you might take
photographs, make drawings, plot out a map, or construct a model to
answer a question such as “Who is on the streets on Tuesday at

Text:  Nancy Kleniewski. Cities, Change, and Conflict.

Requirements:  Three project, three tests, one portfolio project.