Sociology | Society & the Individual
S230 | 3757 | Hadley

In this "social psychology" course, we will examine the relationship
between individuals and the groups to which they belong. Throughout
the semester, we will look closely at our social behavior in everyday
life in order to uncover some of the taken for granted assumptions
and knowledge we share (or don't share) with other members of
American culture. Some questions we will address in this course
include: How do individuals present themselves to other people? How
do individuals become competent group members, both as children and
as adults? What does it mean to be "competent", and how does that
definition vary within and across cultures? How do individuals form
and shape groups, and in turn, how do groups influence individuals?
How do gender, race, and sexuality play a role in who we are as
individuals and as group members? In order to answer these questions,
we will not only read about and discuss these issues but we will also
make observations about social behavior in everyday life and reflect
on our own participation in social interaction.