A105 | 0315 | Pickering

This course is designed as a survey of the biological evolution of the
human species and the archaeology of early hominids.

Course Requirements: Sections of the textbook will be assigned for some
meetings.  These assignments will be indicated next to the date and
lecture topic(s) for which they are required.  It is expected that you
will complete these readings in preparation for the indicated class

Class attendance is not required, but strongly encouraged, as exam
questions will come from lectures as well as the assigned readings-and
some lecture topics are not duplicated in the readings.

Methods of Evaluation: Grades will be based on two exams-a midterm (50 %
of your final grade) and a final (50 % of your final grade).  The final
exam is cumulative.  Make-up exams will not be given, except in extreme
cases, such as death in the family or serious illness on part of the
student (proper documentation of such situations-such as a doctor's
excuse-will be required from the student).

There is no extra credit option.