A150 | 0339 | Kaestle

Course Description:
This seminar will deal with recent and projected developments in the
fields of human biology and medicine.  Some new developments pertain to
the very beginning of individual human life. Indeed, reproductive
decision-making has become increasingly complex with respect to the many
ways of selecting parents (in vitro fertilization and cloning are two
examples), with regard to predetermining the sex or immune system genotype
of a planned child, and even the production of babies through sperm banks
in an attempt to create desired qualities. New biomedical products
(hormones, antibodies) and new procedures (gene therapy, tissue/organ
transplanting) certainly can be viewed with great hope toward improving
individual lives, and in fact in determining whether some babies will
survive or how low long an elderly person should be kept alive. Medical
progress is not entirely problem or value free, however. Thus, while this
seminar is primarily devoted to the exploration of exciting, new
biomedical developments, we will also consider ethical issues raised by
the new procedures and discuss how some choices may conflict with certain
values and belief systems.

Your grade for the seminar will be based on quizzes, written exercises, a
short term paper (critical review), and VERY IMPORTANTLY on your level of
participation in the seminar discussions. This seminar is meant to offer a
forum in which we can all benefit from vigorous and fair-minded
interchange among all members. Hence, you are expected to be well-prepared
to discuss the assigned readings and videotape programs. Your
participation will be evaluated according to how well you demonstrate your
preparation during the discussions, and on your ability no participate in
the give-and-take of healthy discussion. Ten points will be deducted for
each unexcused absence from seminar meetings.

	Quizzes			= 100
	Exercises		= 100
	Critical Review		= 100
	Participation		= 100

		Total		= 400 points

These required readings will be available at the IMU bookstore.  In
addition, several discussions, exercises and quizzes will be based on
videos that will be viewed during the class meeting - again, it is
imperative that you attend all seminar meetings.

1.	The Ethics of Euthanasia, edited by D. A. Leone.  1999
2.	Biomedical Ethics, edited by R. Espejo. 2002.
3.	Genetic Engineering, edited by L. Yount. 2002.