B525 | 0355 | Kaestle

Course Description:

This course is designed to fulfill a requirement within the
bioanthropology graduate program pertaining to research methods. As such,
it will cover basic methodologies associated with research investigations
that relate genetics to bioanthropology. Principle areas include the
theory and practice of Mendelian genetics, human/medical genetics,
forensic genetics, molecular genetics, and human population genetics. The
particular field within bioanthropology referred to as anthropological
genetics will be stressed. This means that there will be an emphasis on
microevolutionary processes that serve to explain current and recent past
genet distributions and genetic structure of human populations.  This
course is organized into both seminar discussions of assigned readings and
exercises, some of which will be carried out in class, in addition to wet
laboratory work, to be carried out in the anthropology department's
genetic anthropology teaching lab.


Exercises (both take-home and in class):  25%
Laboratory Analysis: 25%
Out-of-Class Assignment: 25%
Take-Home Final Exam: 25%


There will be no textbook for this course. Rather, the readings will be
excerpted from existing textbooks and will also include published research
papers. These readings will be available on reserve at the Geography
Library reserve desk in the Student Building. In addition, there will be a
laboratory notebook with directions for and explanations of the wet
laboratory procedures used in this course.