Anthropology | CULTURE & SOCIETY
E105 | 0328 | Kahn

This course introduces the student to the discipline of Cultural
Anthropology.  Cultural anthropologists have developed a set of ideas and
practical activities that help them learn about people through interaction
and observation.  These anthropological methods and practices provide a
lens through which trained individuals can learn about others while
simultaneously learning about themselves. Anthropologists pay close
attention to the way people act, talk, and think about their culture,
themselves, and their world.   Culture unites as well as divides.  We all
have languages, families, politics, religions, and ideas that give our
world meaning.  All cultures ask similar questions but formulate their own
specific and unique answers. By investigating what is culture and how
culture influences our lives, students will gain an appreciation and
understanding of the differences and similarities in diverse societies.
By the end of the semester, the student will have a comprehensive
knowledge of the foundations of Cultural Anthropology.  Students will get
to know particular cultures, their ways of life, habits, beliefs, myths,
economies, kinship patterns, and religions.  Additionally, by gaining an
appreciation of cultural differences, students will become more
knowledgeable and better prepared for future foreign and multicultural