Anthropology | INDIANS IN U.S. IN 20TH CENTURY
E329 | 0361 | Thomas

In this class students will learn about Native events, which took place in
the 1900s.  American Indians' cultural perspectives will be one of the
class objectives.  In part, we will concentrate on the differences of
Native and non-Native views on topics, which are not limited to health,
ethnic identity, education (boarding/public schools), economy, politics,
gender, religions, pre-history, history, future, enculturation,
acculturation, assimilation, and so forth.  The end results are to undo
stereotypes; correct some historical mis-information and providing more
accurate Native viewpoints about themselves during the twentieth century.
Thus far, three books are scheduled to be use, some chapters are written
by American Indian authors, which will help alleviate some historical
inaccuracy and clarifying key points.  Periodically, additional reading
assignments will be distributed, i.e., newspaper clippings, journal
articles, web sites and others. There will be two exams (mid-term &
final), a ten-page research paper (20 pages for graduate students), and
four short assignments.