E332 | 0362 | Bahloul

This course will be devoted to the analysis of women's place in Jewish
society and culture. It will focus on images and  representations related
to women, on the gender dimension of Jewish kinship, family structures,
and religious practices. A special attention will be given to the
modification of traditional patterns in contemporary society and history
and to Jewish female emancipation. Students will discuss the social
experiences of Jewish women in various communities of Northern America,
Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

1. For undergraduate students
	- 1 mid-term examination (25%)
	- 1 reading review to be presented in class (5p.) (20%)
	- 1 fieldwork project (10-15 p.) (35%)
	- class attendance and participation (20%)
2. For graduate students
	- 1 mid-term examination (30%)
	- 2 reading reviews to be presented in class (7p each) (30%)
	- fieldwork project  (15p.) (40%)

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