E407 | 0369 | Kahn

The primary goal of this course is to demonstrate through practice
how film and video are effective and engaging research methodologies and
how visual representations of culture are expressive and scholarly
ethnographic products.  The class is highly participatory--each student
will be required to practice their skills by conducting fieldwork and by
producing visual representations of culture.  Extensive class time will be
dedicated to providing the various skills necessary for the production of
ethnographic film and/or other forms of visual cultural representation and
to discussing the progression of and problems encountered during student
fieldwork.  Equipment will be available--cameras, microphones, tripods,
and editing facilities--although students will be required to provide
videotape, film, and other needed field equipment.   While visual
anthropology revolves around the production of ethnographic film and
filmic products, it also involves visual theory, issues of representation,
and the study of visible expressions of emotion, body movement, dance,
performance, art, advertising, mass media images, and museum exhibits.
Discussions and lectures on visual and film theory, postcolonial issues of
representation, ethics, and aesthetics will support our methodological
practices.  Three writing assignments, class participation, fieldwork, and
a final visual ethnographic product (including a mid-semester report,
proposal, and presentation) are requirements for this class.