L318 | 0380 | Thomas

This is an introductory course to Navajo language and culture.
The integral dimension of Navajo culture will be explored through such
topics as Navajo history, kinship, ritual life, gender, beliefs,
literature and boarding schools, among others.  The basic Navajo writing,
reading and conversation will be taught.  The fluency of the Professor's
Navajo language will be assisted by texts, videos and other media, to
ensure that multiple approaches are utilized in understanding and learning
the basic Navajo language.  In addition, the course will provide a case
study to review major issues in the field of language, and in Western and
Navajo cultures.

A bi-weekly language quiz will be scheduled and two cultural exams
(mid-term and final).  In addition, each student will be assigned a
project to create about Navajo culture which will be accompanied by a
10-page research paper (20 for graduate students).

The class will meet on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for 50-minutes
each.  Two to three culturally-related texts and one language text will be
used in the classroom.  Young & Morgan's Navajo Language Dictionary
(University of New Mexico Press) will be an option.

Prerequisite:  Any of the following ANTH E200, L200, L320 or instructor's