L600 | 0383 | Le Sourd

Meskwaki (also known as Fox) is a Central Algonquian language spoken
today in Iowa by a culturally conservative people with Eastern
Woodlands origins.  Typologically interesting properties of the
language include a polysynthetic system of stem formation, the
productive derivation of phrasal predicates, extensive use of null
anaphora, highly flexible word order, and the frequent use of
discontinuous constituents of several types.  The inflectional system
of the language encodes the relative discourse prominence of nominal
expressions through a system of obviation.  This course provides an
introduction to the structure of Meskwaki and to Meskwaki oral
literature and situates both the language and the culture of its
speakers in a comparative and historical context.  Work for the course
includes a series of problems and a term paper, which may focus on
linguistic, historical, or cultural issues.  A general familiarity
with the methods of linguistic analysis is presupposed, but no
previous familiarity with Algonquian or other Native American
languages is required