P399 | 0389 | Sievert

This is an advanced seminar in archaeology that explores the history of
archaeology in the United States from the perspective of one site, Spiro,
a Caddoan Mississippian site in eastern Oklahoma. Spiro is well known for
the mortuary contexts that revealed elaborate artistic styles and
political differentiation. It has been approached from several
perspectives, art historical, processual, and post-processual. The 80 year
history of Spiro research provides a point of departure for discussing the
following issues: looting, legislation, the affect of the Works Progress
Administration (WPA) on the development of American archaeology,
archaeological folklore and cult archaeology, research in museum
collections, mortuary archaeology, symbolic archaeology, issues of contact
between Mississippian and Mesoamerican cultures, repatriation, site
preservation, and archaeological tourism.

Readings: The Spiro Ceremonial Center, 2 vols. by James A. Brown.
International Monographs in Prehistory. University of Michigan.  Other
assigned readings will be placed on reserve.