Biology | Cell Biology
L312 | 0552 | Bender, A

Course Format: Lecture: 9:30A-10:45A, TR, BH 347.

Prerequisites: Biol L211 or S211.

Course Description:  The goal of this course is to help you identify
and think better about questions in cell biology that are interesting
to you.  My best guess is that we will choose to focus our attention
on some combination of the following, interrelated topics:  cancer,
control of the cell cycle, and signal transduction.

Required Text:  Molecular Biology of the Cell (2002), edited by Bruce
Alberts et al. It is likely that we will also read recent review articles.

Weekly Assignments:  Typically, you will be given a question to write
about outside of class and to discuss in class.

Exams/Papers:  There will be no exams.  Some of the later weekly
writing assignments may build upon previous writing assignments and so
may develop into what might be considered to be small papers.