Biology | Virology Lecture
M430 | 0572 | Taylor, M and Hardy, R

Course format: Lecture: 10:10A-11:00A, MWF, MY 130.

Requirements:  P: Biol L211.  R: Biol L311 and L312.

Course description: Introduction to viruses. General outline of
structure, assay, epidemiology, history and immune response. Use of
viruses in gene therapy. Specific human viruses discussed in-depth,
includes HIV, herpes, and hepatitis.

Required text: J.H. Strauss and E.G. Strauss “Viruses and Human
Disease”, and M. Oldstone "Viruses, Plagues and History". Course notes
are on the World Wide Web.

Weekly assignments: Take-home questions.

Exams/papers: Three exams (including final). Student Presentations.