Biology | Genetics, Honors
S311 | 0551 | Wagner, R

Course format: Lecture: 9:30A-10:45A, TR, JH A105, one (75 minute)
discussion plus (at least) three hours in laboratory per week.

Requirements:  GPA > 3.0, successful completion of either L211 or S211.

Course description: Principles governing the transmission of specific
traits to the progeny of prokaryotes and eukaryotes including
bacteria, viruses, fungi, higher plants and animals.  Analysis at the
level of the individual and population; interactions between genetic
constitution and environment; application to the study of development,
human genetic disease, agricultural breeding and biotechnology.

Required text: TBA.

Weekly assignments: Two chapters of reading in text; weekly problem set.

Exams/papers: Three evening exams of about two hours duration, two
formal laboratory reports, and one class presentation on a genetic