Biology | Vertebrate Zoology
Z406 | 0569 | Cotten, C

Course format: Lecture: 11:15A-12:30P, TR, JH A106, plus one four-hour
laboratory per week (1:00P-5:00P, T OR W, JH 129).

Requirements:  P: Biol L111 and L112 and upper-class standing, or
consent of instructor.

Course description: Lecture: structure, function, evolution, and
ecology of the major vertebrate groups.  Lab: comparative anatomy of
representative vertebrates (dissection); introduction to vertebrate
embryology; identification and classification of Indiana vertebrates
excluding mammals; local field trips to observe living fish,
amphibians, reptiles and birds; one day-long Saturday trip (usually
early in April) to the Indianapolis Zoo.

Required text: Kardong, K. 2002. “Vertebrates: Comparative Anatomy,
Function, Evolution”, third edition.

Weekly assignments: TBA.

Exams/papers: Lecture: three multiple-choice exams and five one-two
page essays.  Lab: practical and written exams plus reports based on
field trip activities.