Chemistry | Elementary Chemistry II
C102 | ALL | Jabri

Prerequisite:  C101 or its equivalent. Taken concurrently with C122.
Continuation of C101.

NMNS	Objectives:  Designed to give a one-semester overview of
organic and biological chemistry for students who need two semesters
of general chemistry and for students planning careers in the allied
health sciences.  The course emphasizes aspects of chemistry, which
are relevant to health-related fields.
Content:  The course consists of two major parts.  Chapters 1 through
11 introduce organic chemistry with particular reference to the basic
types of compounds that are present in living systems.  Chapters 12
through 19 deal with the biochemistry of these compounds, their
structures, synthesis and metabolism, and how energy is obtained from
biochemical processes.  Some aspects of nutrition will also be
covered in the course.