Communication and Culture | Media Culture and Politics
C445 | 1090 | Naomi Rockler

How do the media impact society?  How do the media impact individuals?
What issues regarding the media are Americans most concerned with,
and what issues should we be more concerned about?  How do Americans
talk about media issues?  This course will examine some of the issues
regarding the media in the United States that are most prevalent in
contemporary discourse.  The course will examine how these issues are
discussed within U.S. discourse, and the ways certain viewpoints are
privileged and marginalized within mainstream and alternative
discourses about the media.

Contemporary issues that will be discussed in the class will include:

1)	Violence in the media
2)	The corporate media system, and the impact of the media upon
the value of consumerism
3)	The impact of television on our culture, and the emerging
impact of the Internet
4)	The objectification of women in the media

Course assignments will include approximately 50-75 pages of reading
per week, a midterm and a final, and a final paper assignment where
students will investigate a media issue.