Communication and Culture | Gender and Communication
C450 | 1091 | Pezzullo

This upper-level undergraduate course will be designed for students
who previously have been introduced to the foundational critical
perspectives associated with the study of rhetoric and are prepared to
practice rhetorical criticism firsthand.  Thus, the primary "work" for
those who enroll will be to engage challenging course
readings/discussions and to write intensively about an area of
interest related to the course theme.  In other words, the majority of
the reading selections chosen will serve as exemplars of both form and

The particular focus of this course will be "feminist rhetoric."  The
reading materials and class discussion will address (to borrow
categories from Campbell, 2001): advocacy for women, analyses of
patriarchy, extrapolation of theory from women's rhetorical practices,
and the development of critical methods adapted to the special
conditions that women face as rhetors.  We will not focus upon an
essentialist communicative style of women and/or the recovery of
women's words and histories.  For purposes of this class, we will
focus specifically upon feminist rhetoric as it relates to social
movements and social change.

Course Requirements:

Attendance/Participation/Reading Quizzes:  30%

Final Term Paper: 70% total (10%, 15%, 20%, 25%)
Copy of Term Paper Text(s)
Descriptive Analysis			10%
	Historical-Contextual Analysis	15%
	Theoretical-Critical Analysis		20%
	Final Exam Paper			25%