Communication and Culture | Performance in Comm. & Culture
C502 | 1094 | Richard Bauman

Meets with FOLK F750. This course is an introduction to
performance-oriented perspectives on the study of social life. We will
begin with a historical consideration of the epistemology of
performance in Western thought, and then proceed to an extended
examination of the two principal sense of performance: performance as
a special, artful mode of communication, and performance as a class of
display events. Three problems will be the focus of special attention
in our deliberations: (1) the relationship between these two orders of
performance; (2) the continuities and discontinuities between
performance and other dimensions of communicative practice in social
life; and (3) the relationship between convention and creativity in
performance. We will balance our attention between the exploration of
theoretical and analytical perspectives on the one hand, and
case-study examination of specific performance forms on the other.

Bauman, Richard. 1977. Verbal Art as Performance. Prospect Heights,
IL: Waveland
Sawyer, R. Keith, ed. 1997. Creativity in Performance. Greenwich, CT:
Turner, Victor. 1986. The Anthropology of Performance. New York: PAJ
Winn, James Anderson. 1998. The Pale of Words: Reflections on the
Humanities and
	Performance. New Haven: Yale University Press.
Anthology of readings, available at TIS and the IU Bookstore.

Written work
A seminar paper of ca. 25 pp. in length, to be developed through
briefer written statements and seminar presentations over the course
of the semester.