Communication and Culture | Methods of Media Research
C506 | 1096 | Joan Hawkins

This course is designed to help you navigate some of the problems that
will come up as you begin a large research project  (like the
dissertation) in media studies. In the course of the semester, well be
reading and hearing a variety of methodological approaches to media
problems/media studies. Well also be looking at the larger question of
how to set up a doable research project (the kinds of questions to ask
yourself as you go into one and the kinds of concerns you need to
address in a proposal).  Readings will include: Joshua Gamson, Freaks
Talk Back; Michael Herr, Kubrick; Linda Williams, Hardcore; Lynn
Spigel, Welcome to the Dreamhouse; Purnima Mankekar, Screening
Culture, Viewing Politics; and a selection of xeroxed essays. Speakers
coming to campus this semester include Linda Williams and Lynn Spigel.
Ill also be inviting members of the media faculty to come to class
and briefly discuss the way they negotiate the thorny "methods"
questions.  Finally, well be watching a sampling of  Hollywood,
experimental, exploitation an d body genre films as part of the class.
These will be screened as part of the Kinsey Institutes "Women and
Their Sexualities" film festival (Feb 13-16; Feb 20-23).  Written work
will include some short response papers, a sample grant proposal, and
a 10 page conference paper.