Communication and Culture | Topics Rhetoric and Public Culture
C611 | 1099 | Pezzullo

The overall goal of this graduate seminar is to present and critically
engage a range of theoretical and political tensions that have
provoked theorists who have produced work in the intersections between
feminism and rhetoric over the past decade (whether they themselves
would claim those labels or not).  Since the seminar is structured to
provide an introduction to a variety of perspectives, each week's
themes could open up into an entire research trajectory unto itself
and, hopefully, for some of you, this is precisely what will happen.
Although we will engage essays from the discipline of Communication
Studies, the majority of the seminar will be dedicated to our reading
selections concerned with the questions of "feminist rhetoric" as
appreciated from an interdisciplinary perspective.  The reading
materials and class discussion will address (to borrow categories from
Campbell, 2001): advocacy for women, analyses of patriarchy,
extrapolation of theory from women's rhetorical practices, and the
development of critical methods adapted to the special conditions that
women face as rhetors.  We will not focus upon an essentialist
communicative style of women and/or the recovery of women's words and

Required Seminar Readings:

* IUB Coursepack (to be available on-line, primarily articles
published in communication
studies journals or by communication studies scholars)
* Excitable Speech: A Politics of the Performative. Judith Butler
(1997).  NY: Routledge.
* Justice Interruptus: Critical Reflections on the 'Postsocialist'
Condition. Nancy Fraser.
(1997).  NY: Routledge.
* Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza, 2nd ed., Gloria Anzald˙a
San Francisco, CA: Aunt Lute Books.
* Ceremony, Leslie Marmon Silko (1988).  NY: Penguin.
* Sex and Social Justice.  Martha C. Nussbaum (1999).  Oxford: Oxford
* Feminist Theory & the Body: A Reader, Janet Price & Margrit
Shildrick (Eds.). (1999).
NY: Routledge.
* Possessing the Secret of Joy.  Alice Walker (1992).  NY: Pocket Star
* Global Critical Race Feminism: An International Reader, Adrien
Katherine Wing (Ed).
(2000).  NY: NY UP.

Optional Seminar Reading:
* Feminist Frameworks: Alternative Theoretical Account of the
Relations Between
Women and Men, 3rd Ed.  Alison M. Jaggar ad Paula S. Rothenberg
(Eds.), (1993).
NY:  McGraw-Hill, Inc. (recommended for those of you who want a
background text
in Gender Studies and/or those of you who plan to make this your
life's work.)