Comparative Literature | Criminal Fascinations
C151 | 1120 | Kaplin, D

Section meets COAS Arts & Huaminites requirement
Section carries cultural studies credit

Class Meets:  MWF 1:25-2:15   BH 340

Robert Blake.  Martha Stewart.  Kenneth Lay.  Jason Williams.
Winona Ryder.  They’re all famous – and all in trouble.  In this
introduction to the strategies for and benefits to studying popular
culture, we will focus on our interest in (and obsession over) crime
and criminals and the ways in which they are depicted in news
reports, pop fiction, television, film, and other media.  What can
the analysis of our fascination with high-profile crime tell us
about contemporary attitudes toward race, gender, celebrity, and
social behavior?  From Dominick Dunne’s exposes of scandalous crimes
to the array of auto-biographic tell-alls by the attorneys in the
O.J. Simpson case, we will examine media-drenched representations of
crime to introduce and practice strategies and methods for reading
popular culture.