Comparative Literature | Comparative Literary Analysis
C205 | 1121 | Varga, A

Above section meets Arts & Humanities requirement

Class Meets:  MW 11:15-12:30    BH 305

This is an introductory course in literary interpretation required
of Comparative Literature majors and recommended for other students
interested in the study of literature.  Class sessions will
introduce basic methods and concepts of criticism through close
reading and discussion of texts by major authors (drama, short
fiction, and poetry).  There will be four papers on specific
assigned topics.  The thematic focus this semester will be on the
performance of identity across different genres.  This course
carries writing intensive credit.  Readings may include works by
Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, Stoppard,and Ionesco.  Critical
concepts and interpretive techniques will be introduced through
close readings of lyric poems, plays, essays, and pieces of short
fiction.  There will be four short papers on assigned topics.