Comparative Literature | Modern Literature & Other Arts
C255 | 1124 | Conner, S

Above section meets Arts & Humanities requirement
Above section carries cultural studies credit

Class Meets:  MW 2:30-3:45     BH 305

This course takes us into the creative mind of the artist and into
the analytical mind of the critic.  In C255, we analyze works of art
of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, exploring such topics as "The
City" and "Visions of Reality," and compare how these works
interrelate as well as discover how they are unique.  Students of
C255 see, hear, and comprehend literary and visual art in new,
exciting, and discriminating ways.  By the end of the course, the
student--through her or his own secured powers of discernment,
increased confidence, and strengthened abilities of perception--will
determine what constitutes a work of art.

Visits to various museums and attendance of arts-related events on
the IU campus will be included in the course.

The course will be conducted as a seminar, which means students are
expected to participate actively in all discussions.  Requirements
for the course will be a presentation on one of the assigned
readings, one shorter paper, one longer paper, a short presentation
on the longer paper, and two one-hour exams.  The required texts are
Gloria Fiero’s The Humanistic Tradition (Books 5 and 6; Fourth
Edition) and Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

No prerequisites and no previous experience in literature or other
arts is required.