Comparative Literature | Pastice. Cultural Memory in Art, Film, Literature, and Popular Culture
C357 | 1131 | Hoesterey, I

Section meets COAS Arts & Humanities requirement
Section carries cultural studies credit

Class Meets:  MW 4:00-5:15   BH 305

In the past decades, cultural theorists and artists have redefined a
genre of artistic expression that for centuries was regarded as both
elusive and notorious:  the pastiche or pasticcio.  Today highly
engaging manifestations can be found in architecture, painting, and
mixed media installations; in film, literature, and performance
modes, as well as in supposedly trivial discourses such as
advertising.  Postmodern pastiche, as we will explore it in this
course, is about cultural memory and positions itself beyond the
dichotomy of “high” and “low” culture.

**Required texts:  Ingeborg Hoesterey Pastiche.  Cultural Memory in
Art, Film, Literature and a reader available at Collegiate Copies